Episode 7 – Jamstack and The New Dynamic

Bud Parr and Régis Philibert, the Founder and Lead Developer of The New Dynamic, share their story of working in the Jamstack industry since 2013.

Bud Parr, the founder of The New Dynamic, began working with static site generators and the “Jamstack” back in 2013…that’s three years before the term was even coined! Learn how Parr and his partner, Régis Philibert, got started in the field and grew both a business a community of over 700 developers dedicated to building fast and secure modern websites.

Key moments:
• How Bud got into the Jamstack space in 2012 (1:20)
• Philibert journey into Jamstack (5:14)
• Reasons for adopting Jekyll (7:15)
• How Philibert, frontend dev, benefits from static site generators (8:48)
• How Jamstack is both a community and a consulting agency (9:52)
• How Jamstack was marketed before the term “Jamstack” was coined (13:23)
• What led to the popularity of Jamstack? Why now? (17:37)
• The next 5 years of Jamstack (21:26)
• Tools used by TND – Hugo and 11ty (23:59)
• Bud’s take on future of Jamstack (26:28)
• Clientele of TND (28:21)
• Anecdote that Jamstack solved in an interesting way (29:47
)• Navigating the plethora of Jamstack technologies + achieving developer velocity (34:31)
• Exciting new and upcoming services TND is excited about (36:43)


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