Episode 12 – Future of PWAs | Alex Russell & Frances Berriman

Husband and wife team Alex Russell and Frances Berriman join us to speak on the current and future state of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

Husband and wife team Alex Russell, Microsoft Partner PM on Edge, and Frances Berriman, Freelance Product and Technology Consultant, coined the term Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

On this episode, they join us to speak on the current and future state of PWAs, make a case for taking action for engine diversity, and dive into the topic of framework choice.

Key moments:
About Alex Russel: :44
About Frances Berriman: 1:13
Coining the term “Progressive web apps” in 2015: 2:06
PWA alternatives: 5:18Document web vs app web: 13:46
Diagram of theoretical meta-platform: 15:44
The state of PWA progress in the ecosystem 21:14
What will save the web?: 26:32
What does success look like for 28:36
Should developers stop building for native 30:14
Engine diversity call to action: 32:38
Framework choice: 42:00
What’s the problem with React: 45:50
What you should adopt over React: 52:06
Connect with Alex and Frances: 56:02


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