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Episode 10 – Jamstack Conf 2021 Panel Recap

Five guests help recap Jamstack Conference [Oct 6-7] 2021, a virtual event for developers and technology leaders contributing to the modern web. In this episode,

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Episode 7 – Jamstack and The New Dynamic

Bud Parr and Régis Philibert, the Founder and Lead Developer of The New Dynamic, share their story of working in the Jamstack industry since 2013.

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Episode 5 – Panel Debate: What is Jamstack?

A Jamstack debate with Jeff Escalante (HashiCorp), Sean Davis (Stackbit), Brian Rinaldi (StepZen), Miriam Schwab (Strattic), and Ishan Anand (Layer0). “The Jamstack” was coined back

Episode 4 – A Vite Demo | Evan You

Overtime developers have gotten used to using bundlers, like WebPack, and know the struggle of waiting for long builds, especially as project become more complex.